My Not-So Skinny 

  • Born in the early 80's                                               

  • Married my college sweetheart in 2007               

  • Mom of two little boys, Grady & Grant                

  • I am an "over-sharer". There is not much I won't discuss or tell you about and I don't know how to make small talk. It's real or nothing. 

  • Really short (5'2")  I will bring a bucket to your wedding to stand on a.k.a "The Bucket of Goodness"                              

  • Will make up words as I go along and then probably sing them to you.   ​

My 5 Favs

  • My Girlfriends: Free therapy and always there when you need them.            

  • Netflix: Again always there when you need it.  Binging while editing is my summer life.                  

  • Naps: If I can take a nap in the afternoon, it was a great day. If I can take a nap around 10 A.M., dreams came true!            

  • Coffee:  Nothing is better than waking up to the smell of fresh brewed coffee.  Until you taste it, and then we are really in business.                          

  • Amazon Prime:  So getting Prime has been a      love - hate relationship. I love how easily everything comes to my door.  And then, my husband hates how easily everything comes to my door.  I may have a problem, but free 2-day shipping!! I mean come'on!!  

My Why

Wedding photography can seem like a big investment for just one day, I know, I have been there.  Once upon a time, I was making the same wedding decisions that you are now.  But, in 10, 20, 50 years, how much will your wedding photographs be worth to you? Wedding days are where family legacies begin.  They are the start of epic love stories passed down through the generations.  Photographs are what we all gather around at the holidays to smile, laugh and remember our past. 

I want to capture those memories for you to cherish for a lifetime.  And I want to capture them as a friend you feel like you have known for years.  I promise lots of laughs, terrible singing, random dancing and more beautiful memories than you will know what to do with.